Bookkeeping Services

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A bookkeeper is responsible for processing the paperwork for a company's business transactions. Ultimately the transactions will be recorded in accounts within the company's general ledger.

Our Bookkeepers will

• Use bookkeeping software as well as online spreadsheets and databases
• Enter (post) financial transactions into the appropriate computer software
• Receive and record cash, checks, and vouchers
• Put costs as well as income into the software, assigning each to an appropriate account
• Produce reports, such as balance sheets (costs compared to income), income statements, and totals by account
• Check figures, postings, and reports for accuracy
• Reconcile or note and report any differences they find in the records

Financial Reporting Services (GAAP & IFRS)

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Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is the process of compiling and analyzing an organization's long-term financial strategy. In addition to creating an organization's extended financial plan, FP&A departments also generate management reports, analyze financial trends, calculate the monetary effects of potential business decisions and advise company leaders.

Our CPAs will

• Prepare documentation that reflects a company's financial standing
• The information they compile is issued to internal and external sources and is used to create budgets, conduct audits and issue stock
• They use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to create financial statements, shareholder reports and balance sheets
• They ensure accurate financial reporting throughout an organization by working closely with various departments and management
• They analyze income and expenses, reconcile accounts, file regulatory reports, provide information to auditors and issue data used in mandatory filings such as tax and annual reports

Treasury Management Services

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The process of administering to the financial assets and holdings of a business. The goal of most treasury management departments is to optimize their company's liquidity, make sound financial investments for the future with any excess cash, and reduce or enter into hedges against its financial risks.

Our treasury analysts will

• Support cash forecasting process
• Contribute to the global cash management strategy
• Evaluate new banking products and services
• Ensure accurate maintenance of bank account, balance, bank/Treasury systems and bank cost information
• Support Standby Letters of Credit and bank guarantees requirements
• Analyze bank fees and recommend cost savings
• Maintain bank accounts and cash, debit and interest schedules
• Analyze and prepare foreign exchange transactions
• Analyze treasury accounts and processes

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